aFTER a long day climb, relax, unwind, and refuel for the next day’s challenges.


Our Dining tents

We will provide you with breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner each day spent on the Mountain. The Food specifically selected to help your climb, are high energy carbohydrate foods that are easily digestible. 

The primary carbohydrate of the meals is rice, pasta, and potatoes. Fresh fruits and vegetables accompany every meal.

Meat is served on the mountain but not in large quantities because it is not easily digestible at high altitude and nor does it keep well on the mountain. We resupply the team with fresh food throughout the climb.


What do you drink on the mountain?

During your climb, all drinking water will be collected by our porters from streams that are fed from glaciers high on Kilimanjaro. Before being served all the water is boiled then purified. We will provide you with unlimited boiled water every day for drinking. 

Due to environmental reasons, we will not carry any purchased bottled water. If you wish to treat the water further we ask that you bring any additional treatment products with you.

dining on kilimanjaro
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