Where will I sleep while climbing Kilimanjaro?

All our climbers will sleep in four-season mountain tents during the trek. These tents are checked before and after each climb to maintain good quality. They are warm, waterproof, and roomy, according to the needs of climbing Kilimanjaro. We usually accommodate tents for 2 people, but we can arrange individual tents according to your needs. You don’t have to worry about camping for several days. Kalahari Hiking Expeditions is using sleeping bags that are made for temperatures up to -30 degrees Celcius and is providing sleeping mattresses for all climbs. For those who wish to add some additional comfort to your climb, we offer softer inflatable sleeping mattresses. Please contact us for further information.

All our tents will accomdate you, your Daypack and your Duffel Bag so that you will keep all your personal belongings with you at night. Inside the tents, we can provide small lamps in addition to your headlamps on request. In front of your sleeping room there is a small space that can be covered to wash yourself and also to place your shoes and Duffel Bag at night.

Additional information.

Sleeping bags are available for rent on location in Arusha Town, Tanzania. Our warm, winter synthetic sleeping bags are specified for the needs of high altitude climbing. They are soft and can be closed from the inside to eliminate cold spots. The nylon shell is water resistant from the outside and durable while the polyester lining from the inside keeps away moisture, keeping weary climbers dry and warm. Please make sure that you always cover yourself well at night as feeling cold will decrease your success in climbing Kilimanjaro. This is extremely important as temperatures will drop drastically during the night, especially at high altitudes and there is nothing more dangerous than waking up at night because of feeling cold. On request, you can upgrade your sleeping mattress for more comfort.

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