Who We Are

Naiman Martin Metili

Managing Director, Head Guide

Naiman has successfully led more than 200 Kilimanjaro hikes in his career.

He is vastly experienced in leading groups and has led groups with special needs (hikers with blindness) on two occasions.

Naiman is proud to say that everyone has experienced a safe ascent to the summit to this day.

Naiman was born and brought up in the slopes of Mount Meru.

Being a member of the Maasai tribe, he started his career in hiking tourism as a porter after graduating from Ekenywa secondary school.

Being a porter enabled Naiman to gain an in-depth understanding of hiking expeditions and save enough money to attend the Tanzania Wildlife Management College and become a qualified mountain guide. 

He regularly updates First Aid Course, WFR, Wilderness First Responder.

Our Head Guide, Naiman leading a group up Mount Kilimanjaro

Dr. Rajesh Dasi

Managing Director

Dr. Rajesh Dasi is a Consultant Psychiatrist based in Manchester, UK.

 Having extensively travelled Southern & Eastern Africa and South America, Rajesh’s passion for hiking has led him to successfully hike Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Ol Doinyo Lengai, the Inca Trail, Mt Villarrica, W-Trail, Lost City Trek and many more.

 His vast experience of having travelled across these continents, taking part in many hiking expeditions, enabled him to understand what is required to run successful hiking expeditions from a guest’s perspective.

 He is a qualified FGASA Level -1 Field Guide (South Africa) and FGASA Level-1 Tracker (South Africa) and is experienced in Safari Guide training to offer you the best Kilimanjaro hiking experience at Kilimanjaro Hiking Expedition.

Our Managing Director, Dr Rajesh Dasi
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