Do You Want To Climb Mount Kilimajaro?

We Can Help You Prepare For The Climb and Ensure a Successful Hike to The Summit

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Kalahari Hiking Expeditions

Kalahari Hiking Expeditions was founded with the passion to help people from across the world experience the beauty of Africa through one of the most exciting experiences of a life time, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.

Naiman’s enthusiasm and Rajesh’s love for Africa are the foundation of Kalahari Hiking Expeditions and we would like to invite you to experience this beautiful continent with us, one hike at a time.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that all your requirements are not just met but that you enjoy the hike to the summit and get to experience Africa’s unique culture in the best possible ways.

We will provide you with all the necessary information and answer all of your questions to prepare you for this adventure of a life time.

We operate our Hikes through two TALA (Tourist Agents Licensing Authority) licensed companies… Kalahari hikes, TALA license number 001876 and the other is Kalahari hiking expeditions, TALA licence no 001776. 

As your safety is paramount to us, we offer high quality guiding experiences that ensure your safety and comfort on Mount Kilimanjaro is guaranteed.

Why Us

Our overriding focus is the safety and well being of you and our staff.

Having gained invaluable insights through years of experience as a guest, guide and porter we have gained an in-depth insight to what requirements guest have and how to accommodate these to ensure you can experience Africa in the ways that made us fall in love with this continent.

And since we want not only you to enjoy the experience but many generations to come we ensure that our hiking expeditions leave as little impact on the environment as possible.

On the other hand, we do want our expeditions to leave a lasting impact and that is why we ensure the welfare of our porters and are proud to support their development to become qualified Kilimanjaro guides in the future.

Our Travel guides to climbing Mount kilimanjaro

Guide 1: The Definitive preparation Guide To Climbing Mount KILIMANJARO

We highly suggest you read this guide first. It will give you an overview of the essential information you need to consider to make a successful hike to the summit.

Guide 2: An overview guide to Our Mount kilimanjaro Hiking routes

We offer four mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes. This short guide will help you choose the most ideal route for you to use to climb the mountain by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each route.

Our Tours and prices

We have scheduled Mount Kilimanjaro tours which you can join.

If you however wish to have a private tour, either alone or with a group of family or friends, we will gladly organize a tailor-made tour for you. 

Click the button below to view our tours and routes.

videos from some of our tours

The videos on the right are from a few of our group tours up mount Kilimanjaro.

Click the button below to view our upcoming tours. You can join one of our scheduled tours or have us organize a custom  tour for you.

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